Lakeland's Fantastic Funny Famous Folk Band


  For those new to us - Panikatak evolved from the Lakes School PTA when 'Doctor Birket and the Menopause' sang to raise money for school funds a dozen or more years ago. Panikatak soon became a major player on the entertainment scene of South Lakeland..  Most of the concerts we perform are in aid of local charities with the occasional private booking at realistic rates and sales of products at concerts to help keep us on the road.  Well over 50,000 has been raised  for local good causes during the life of the group so far.
A high proportion of the material we perform at concerts is home grown, with unforgettable insights into the medical world as in 'Prozac' and 'Viagra' as well as 'guest' appearances by an irreverent Scot singing of the 'Road to the Aisles' and a strangely clad Welshman singing the Welsh National Bog Snorkelling Team Anthem, to say nothing of the 'dead pets' collection of songs.  A lot of this irreverent rubbish is available on cd and who knows in the future these items may well become extremely rare and highly prized as collectors items.  
Peruse the Products page for such super bargains - where you can also download for free a couple of earlier 'political' hits.
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  - and for a wee lassie's view of the band see the latest News page.

Hot off the press was Dave's, "Banker's Ballad" which he sang at the July session of the South Lakeland Storytelling Club at Ings - this has  lately been posted on you tube -  click the link below.








Apologies to the frantic followers who have been trying to follow us on this website I have had problems with modern technology  -  Windows 8
I now have refurbished my old laptop on good old reliable windows XP and am now - hopefully able to keep up for a bit.  

Our CEO June assures me that we - Panikatak - now have a 'Facebook' page  -  WOW I hear you say  -  click the link below.