Lakeland's Fantastic Funny Famous Folk Band

After a quarter of a century or so of raising funds for good causes by annoying and upsetting decent honest folk a final concert date has been set for May 5th - see the gigs page !

It was early 1993 that three parents of pupils at the Lakes school formed a sort of folk song group to raise money for the school PTA.  It is therefore fitting that the final concert of the band that evolved from that group should be held in the main hall of the Lakes school 25 years later.  The initial three were Ian, an Ambleside doctor and Chrissie and Hanna, two local schoolteachers and the group were known as 'Doctor Birket and the Menopause'.   Only a few months later Dave joined the group after blowing a penny whistle at a party in Windermere that they were at.   A year or so later, after they had performed on Radio Cumbria, Mo joined the group that had renamed themselves to Panikatak.  Then it came to pass that a Holy man from America came to join the management team at Rydal Hall.  His wife Heidi, a fantastic fiddle player began an Irish style session, in the Badger bar at Rydal and she then joined the Panik band, completing a great musical line up.  There are some who say that it was her ambition to become totally immersed in the Irish tradition that prompted her husband to take up a post in County Cork some years later.  The 'fiddle gap' thus created was then admirably filled by Brian which is the current line up for the final concert as outlined on our 'About' page.  We would not go anywhere however without the outstanding work of the only 'sound man' in the area Martin who does an admirable job in translating the shambles on stage to understandable gibberish for the audience.  And of course we would have no idea where to go if it wasn't for June our CEO.

It was only a year or so after Panikatak was born that we realised that we would never make ourselves 'Banker's style rich' so it was decided to just cover expenses and any profits would go to 'good causes'.  Over the 25 years or so we have raised of the order of 75,000 for local charities, village halls, community projects, etc.

Those who have seen us before know we perform a mix of traditional songs as well as stuff we have written which ranges from the serious to the stupid and the just plain daft !

  We still have fierce debates about what should be included in this final concert but there are a couple of recent songs not on cd's  which will be performed at the final concert.  One of which, highlighted by the recent Westmorland Gazette publicity will be the Dog Poo Bag Lament which as a foretaste of the forthcoming concert you may listen to here.  A tad too serious for us maybe ! 

11-dog poo.mp3

Don't forget of course we also have a facebook page that June our CEO nurtures

see you on May 5th