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The Dome  -  Our tribute to the Millennium Dome
tune "Home boys Home" -"The North Country"

The Dome.mp3  click here to download a copy of the CD version

Oh who would be a sailor lad a sailing on the seas
For the best time of all is when youíre coming home for leave
Youíre slipping up the Thames to tie up at the quay,
Thereís a giant shiny helmet where the dockyard used to be,


And itís Dome boys Dome,  The Dome Iíd like to see,
            But itís far from my home in the North Country.
            Itís smooth and itís sleek and itís just for you and me,
            They built it with our money but youíll not get in for free.

Oh the years are going fast and an eraís at an end
For two thousand years have just gone swiftly round the bend
To show that we are British and to mark the great event
The Lairy London Lunatics have put up a sort of tent.

 Ch.        And itís Dome,  etc.

Now the Dome it has united the great parties in the land,
Conservatives conceived it and they got it swiftly planned.
But they sold off all our assets so we chucked the Tories out
Then Labour got their teeth in it thus saving it from doubt.

Ch.        And ití Dome,  etc.

So Blair gave mincy Mandelson eight hundred million quid,
To form a new experience for Mum, Dad and the kids.
But what did he come up with but a Surfball in a Dome
For consenting only adults in the privacy of home.

Ch.        And itís Dome,  etc.

Thereís a party planned for New Year's Eve to celebrate the Dome,
With T. V. broadcast world wide to all of us at home.
That is until at midnight when the power fails I fear,
And all the surly Northern folk give one resounding cheer.

 Ch.        And itís Dome,  etc.                Note -this verse was not included on the CD but refers to the strongly held belief at the time that everything computer driven would fail at midnight. This belief heavily supported by those who made a fortune out of selling 'millennium bug' software.

What overvalued architect designed the super dome,
Was it based upon a wok, Or Tellytubbies home.
Or was it based upon a zit, a boil on his hand,
Or is it just a dung beetle thatís sat upon the land.

Ch.        And itís Dome,  etc.

D.  Draper     March  1999

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