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Click on the mp3 link below to download the whole track from the CD.  Note this is over 4Mb so may take a while - I'll try to find a way to make it smaller - in the meantime I apologise.

The Foot and Mouth Anthem or Eden Apocalypse
(tune - Red River Valley)

The Foot and Mouth anthem.mp3

Instrumental – tune –

  Now two thousand and one I can tell you
Is a year that is hard to understand
For what the Tories did before to the railways

Labour’s gone and let it happen to the land

  Ch.     Take me back to the fair Eden valley
         Where the smoke curls up to the sky
         And the stench from the cattle on the pyres
         Fills the air and brings a tear to the eye

Now the grass grown in Eden is much greener
And their stock was of the finest in the land
Then the army bought some beef from Argentina
And our cattle were all slaughtered out of hand.

Ch. So take me back  etc.

Now foot and mouth is indeed a nasty virus
In ‘67 it was here the same before
And the findings that were written shortly after
Were safely locked away in some forgotten drawer

Ch. So take me back  etc.

So Big Brother Blair said that he’d take over
'Cause he had an election sort of planned
But when the voting was all done and it was over
The North soon became the long forgotten land

Ch. So take me back  etc.

Now if you fly away from England on your hollies
You can’t take food to any foreign land
But you can bring all sorts of crap back home to England
And if you flog it for a profit – that’s just grand

Ch. So take me back  etc.

Now there’s still some lonely Herdwicks on the high fells
Thank God that the MAFF men don’t know where
If you ask them who’s to blame for the shambles
The sheep they know the answer they say - “Blair”    blair   blair

  Ch.   And repeat    Ch. ?   end by  Blair – ing ?

  Copyright D. Draper  01-09-01

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