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We are now sold out of cd number 1 and have been mulling over whether to have some more copies made for sale or redo it. The latter suggestion won the day and not having the funds to spend on studio time we have decided to record our next concert and make up a new replacement cd from that.  We have drawn up a list of stuff to go into the concert and it should be a great night with some of the old classics as well as a couple of completely new songs that should strike a note of sympathy with a few folk.  So if you want to be part of the shouting and singing on our new cd come along to the Ladyholme Centre Windermere on Friday 5th March - details should be out soon - the concert is being organised by Windermere Junior School PTA to raise funds for the school.  

January 2011

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside, alas the water on the road suddenly turned out to be sheet ice. The story of December 2010 as twas told to me - "Much like performing at a PaNiKaTaK concert", says I.  A fine turn out in Storth for us - didn't realise there was that number of folk lived there who hadn't seen us before - I jest of course cause Chrisi did a hands up call and it was a worry to see that there was a large proportion of those present had been to one of our concerts before.  I am still trying to settle in my own mind whether this is some sort of a vote of  confidence or a reflection of the sad state of the country as a whole.  Anyway thanks Storth - next at Burton in Kendal in February where rumour has it that we may have a visit from a strange character from Scotland who used to turn up at a lot of gigs a few years ago.  Apparently the fellow has just returned from an enforced vacation and rumour has it he is due to appear in Ambleside at a Burn's night do.  'Watch this space', as they say.

September 2010

August we were at the Windermere Golf Club raising funds for the Captain's charities - another fine evening held together by a little alcohol intake to keep the audience on our side.  September 25th saw us at the Priory Hall in Lancaster  with a super audience who amassed over £500 on the night for the church charities.  Even the vicar who thanked us at the end for the evening show was great and forgave us for rewriting  two of his favourite hymns -  a standing ovation perchance for Viagra.  Next weekend - the 2nd October sees us in Storth village hall where I am hoping to be able to use the new loos that we were raising money for last time we were there.  Reminds me of the motto my school friends and I used to live by - Semper in excretum.


July 2010

Alas I have been very remiss and not done much for ages - let alone look at these pages - now alas I have been told by the management that I must cease procrastination or suffer a fate that sounds rather similar.  Not wishing to lose anything that might yet prove of merit - here I sit on the scribble machine - but we are indeed reborn.  In the wee small hours we have beavered away to perfect a collection of songs tunes and stories to entertain and delight.  So we are set to annoy and upset, astonish and amaze - and raise a few more pennies for local worthy causes.  See the updated Gigs page for details.

As those who follow the "Path of PaNiKaTaKiA" you will be aware that Heidi migrated to the land of her dreams and now lives in a wee village near Cork in Southern Ireland.  Mo is no longer with us and Angie no longer tweaks the sound gear,  however we are indeed lucky to have been joined by Brian, a fine figure of a fellow who has been on the fiddle for years.  One of the top sound engineers in our area, Martin, now does sound for us and is excellent at giving us the wow factor ! - If you need the wow factor in a good sound engineer then look up Martin Buck at Touchwood Engineering - based in Kendal he does have info on myspace.com. 

So come along spend a bob or two have a sing and a laugh, shout in joy, or anger or despair we can do it all - and usually its all in a good cause, - though as you will know we do occasionally do either private gigs or to raise funds to keep us on the road.


Check out the special deals on the newly revised products page maybe pick up a bargain for someone you hate for this Christmas or snap up 
the last remaining stocks of the original cd1- "PaNiKaTak" so you will be set to make a killing when in years to come they become cult classics
and are sold in London auction houses for hundreds of euros.

Ingleton next - - Saturday 3rd October  -  see Gigs the page

July 2009

WOODLAND on Saturday 11th saw just the four of us, Chris, Hanna, Ian and Dave sort of oozed onto the wee stage at this iconic village hall - not many of them left - in fact another hall that should have a preservation order on it - a reminder of what corrugated iron did for Britain - a great turn out for us again - it was two years ago that we were here when we performed three up and three down I recall - and once again a fine hot pot in the interval - always difficult to get roused again after a blow out but we made it and raised funds to keep the hall on the road. 

GREAT CONCERT AT LADYHOLME - On Thursday 9th we were at the Ladyholme Centre between Windermere and Bowness -sort of "At Home" for us.  It was a super concert with a wonderful atmosphere.  Put on by a small group of friends in memory of Paula Waring who had succumbed to the dreaded cancer at St. Mary's Hospice.  The hall was filled with local folk who raised a total of £1,050 which will go to the Hospice. Once again there was the five of us Chrissi, Hanna, Ian,  Dave and Brian aided and abetted by Martin on the knobs and switches.  Thanks to all who came and laughed and sang and for raising such a princely sum for St. Mary's.


June 2009

We had two very successful concerts in early June, the first on Friday the 12th was in Arnside W.I. and village hall in aid of the RNLI - athe main body of their letter after the do is pasted into the reports page.  The other was in Carnforth in the civic hall which mostly makes out as a badminton tunnel.  There was only five of us Chrissi, Hannah, Ian, Dave and a new fiddler - Brian.  Heidi was away in Europe catching up with old friends but she has intimated that she will probably not be with us for much longer anyway due to other pressures.  I suppose any group of people is bound to be a tenuous sort of affair and circumstances change but it will be sad to see her go as she has brought a lot to the group over the years.  C'est la vie as they say in Ashby de la Zouch.  Next two gigs coming up in July - Thursday the 9th and Saturday the 11th.  The first one is at our old haunt the Ladyholme Centre between Windermere and Bowness and is in aid of St. Mary's Hospice. The second is at the Woodlands village hall to raise ffunds for the hall.


May 2009

Alas I'm afraid I have been reluctant to sit in front of the dreaded God screen and things have got a little behind - but I have quickly cobbled together an updated site which I do promise to try to see to regularly. I always did like seeing to regularly but that's another story.

November 2008

"See us for free at the now renowned Ambleside Christmas Lights switch on day" - well not quite - 'cos if you don't live in Ambleside then you have to get there, find somewhere to park, probably pay for the privilege then find your way to the Market Cross.  Maybe the best way is to borrow Mother's bus pass if you haven't got one yourself - it's the only way anyone can afford to travel by bus these days, unless perhaps you are a terrorist who cannot be extradited to his home country as he may be harmed by the authorities there.  Goodness we couldn't allow such a thing to happen! All sorts of grants benefits and subsidies seem to be available to such poor needy folk, Allah be praised.  So cynicism aside we will be in the Market Cross on Saturday the 22nd from one-ish onwards until Father Christmas arrives with the magic dust to switch on a few hundred watts of glimmer to see us into the festive season.  A word of warning however - please be extra vigilant at the moment of switch on as the last time the electric lights were switched on earlier this year in an upper room of one of the outdoor shops on Market Cross the fire brigade had to attend.  

October 2008

Thank you Old Hutton for a wonderful reception on the 10th - as it turned out my comments below - on the night it could have been called Hutton on the Water - great turn out considering the conditions and we've had some nice feed back - Annette wrote on behalf of Riding for the Disabled who the gig was in aid of and Pauline wrote to say hopefully she'll be able to attend another of our concerts in the future.  Ian (now ex doctor) tells me to point out that with the right medication such urges will pass.  
Thanks to Martin who is "Touchwood Engineering" in Kendal for 'super sound'  

September 2008

Confusion on the venue front - the gigs page originally said the concert on the 10th october was at New Hutton alas I got it wrong it is at OLD HUTTON village hall.
Not even sure there is a hall at New Hutton anyway - not even sure how many damned Huttons there are even - what with new and old and then there's one with roof somewhere and likely in the Cotswolds there's a Hutton on the Water and the way summers gone there's probably even a Hutton under water.  So - Come on down to OLD HUTTON - Friday 10th OCTOBER


August 2008

Up and running again we hit the Hydro hotel in Windermere last Wednesday night (20th August) for an after dinner ‘do’ for Windermere Rotary and in sympathy with British Olympic efforts it turned out to be a gold medal session.  Huddled onto a small dais we warbled through a dozen or so old favourites ably assisted by an enthusiastic audience of almost a hundred.  As on previous occasions we were joined by our guest from the Welsh Olympic Bog Snorkelling team and there were a couple of items extolling the virtues of modern medicine.  It seems we are always appreciated by audiences who have fed well and drank just a drop or two of the relaxing liquids.  Thanks to Martin for his mastery of the p.a. gear and thank you Windermere for a welcoming return to the world of PaNiKaTaK entertainment.  We had a super evening.

July 2008

Ignore the newsletter below - although it wasn't a vicious rumour, it was more serious than that - HOWEVER - we are up and running again - and for those who have been panicking - we will be doing the ladies night at the Hydro on the 20th August - and I hope we will be together long enough to once again star in the frost at the Ambleside Lights switch on day in November.  
Back to the darkened room to practice and plot !

May 2008

Alas after some dozen or so years the band has split and Panikatak as was - is no more.  
Whether anything can rise from the ashes is as yet unknown - but at present seems unlikely as the summer season sets in and folk wander away on holidays and other things.  
At present this website will remain more or less as it is until the final outcome is known - besides which we have a few cds, tee shirts, mugs and books to sell.  Contact details remains the same at present too.  
I'm sure all members of the band would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came and supported us over the years, joined in the chorus when needed, shouted when needed, laughed when needed and generally enjoyed the mayhem.  Your support and encouragement over the years gave each of us a considerable boost to our normal daily drudge and moreover enabled us as a group to raise such a wonderful sum for our local charities.  Who knows if we'd kept going we might have been able to save the Westmorland General Hospital.

I will post up any further news here when anything occurs - thanks for all you all did for us.

April 2008

Ambleside New Parish Hall was a great success - raising over £1,000 for the Christmas lights fund - 
more to follow soon


March 2008

    A quick note on the recent concert for the Rotary Section of the Caravan Club in the memorial hall at Hawkshead.  I gather the Caravan Club has so many members that they have various different sections and this one was a gathering of Caravan Club members who are all Rotary club members.  So there were people from all over the country, mostly all staying at Skelwith Fold for the week end I gather.  We had a great time with sound check ending about 6 then across the square for a meal in the Royal Oak to stagger back for the do beginning just after 8 ish.  A pretty normal start with half the band not aware what the other half were doing - I suppose if we'd been a pop band it wouldn't have mattered much but as it was a song and half the group were still on an introductory instrumental when the other half began singing the chorus it must have appeared a touch unusual.  Then the evening wore on and we all settled down, us as well the audience, most of whom will never have seen us before. They realised such things were quite acceptable and joined in with gusto where needed and we all ended on the same note.  A great evening!  I suppose very few read any of this but if anyone who was there does come across this page and feels they would like to email or post any comments or observations on the night we would be pleased to receive them.  Contact our pa - manager- the wonderful June from the contacts page. 


February 2008

    Welcome to the new revised edition of our website, I hope you'll find it easier to navigate.  I should be able to update it much easier too as we are now with a new web host and I pledge to update as often as -    -    no, I pledge to do my best to update it     -    - no, perhaps I'd better just say that in theory I should be updating more regularly.  From experience I think its easier not to promise anything then there is no upset when a promise is broken.   Lets just face I am bloody unreliable and accept the fact and live with it.  Anyway in business, art, radio, entertainment, etc. it is important that there is always something new to catch the eye, A fresh new approach, the latest angle, a bit like politics - a fresh start.  So - what's new with us - well I'm pleased to be able to say - nowt.  How many politicians would say that eh? - though of course they all seem to be able to continue with the same stuff. -  Anyway we are working on new stuff behind the scenes most of the time, some traditional, some new by folk we like and some new from ourselves - which is the hardest bit.  We also have not many copies of the first cd left and we are in discussion as to what to do with it.  here was talk of digitally re-mastering it with original contents.  There has also been talk of doing it completely from scratch again and also talk of picking some tracks out of it and adding new stuff to compile a completely new cd. Who knows what will come of it. as they say, watch this space.  Looking forward to this season playing a few good concerts again and maybe the odd outdoor gig too - things always seem better outdoors - maybe its because the noise dissipates easier.  Hoots the noo !




September 2007

The summer recess is over and parliament is once again in full session and the MP's - Members of Panikatak - are busying themselves over their instruments of  desecration in preparation for the Autumn series.  Check out the gigs link for a list of the times, places, and to organise your tickets.  Remember also we are not averse to doing 'private' functions and have performed a number in the past for wedding parties, birthdays, or just parties.  The problem is that with six in the band, gear, back up, etc. the charges are on a more commercial scale than those we try to set for charity driven events.   
Apologies to the regular visitor to this site - I am suffering with upload problems due to technical difficulties that I need not bore you with.  So bad in fact I have to take a short holiday to get away from it all, (indeed I shall miss the 6th October gig in the Rugby Club, which you must not), - but when I return refreshed and full of vigour, verve, vim, viagra, or anything else beginning with v I will look again and get it sorted. At the same time I do intend to try to trace a scribble I did many moons ago about the history of the band and get it on here.  (My excuse for the fact that the history link is still not active).   Have a good 'run up' to Christmas and of course you m must not forget to snap up one of our new Christmas cd's hot off the press - out in the next few weeks - with luck - should have been out for Easter, well should have been out for Christmas last year but our organisation is not up to matching Hayes at getting the Christmas stuff  out in August so phew - finger's crossed.

June 2007


Saturday 9th June saw us in concert again in Storth village hall – this time playing ‘down the hall’ as sort of half way across it.  The place was packed by one of the best audiences we’ve played to.  Whether it was because we’d played there before, so they knew what sort of drivel to expect or whether Storth is so quiet that they all let off steam whenever there’s anything on – who knows but we were as one from the word go.  Almost everyone seemed to be joining in on the first chorus of the first song – most unusual.  (Maybe it was because Chrisy wasn’t with us – she was away in France on holiday – maybe it’s her schoolmarm aura that overwhelms folk initially and it takes a few songs before they realise she’s not going to put them in detention – it’s alright I can say this ‘cos I’m sure she never looks at this site – but then who does?).  Anyway – it was a great night in a packed hall.  - - Maybe it’s just Storth that’s strange as there can’t be many places in the country where you’ll find recipes pinned to a lamp post in the village.  So if you’re short of culinary inspiration nip down to Storth and look for the lamp post with the recipe on.  Who knows there may be one there shortly for Panikatak pie.

Thanks a lot Storth a great night.

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March 2007

    The 10th saw us crowded onto the stage in the village hall at Brigsteer - following in the footsteps of fairly famous bands.  But then from now on the folk who follow us there will have the great privilege to be able to say, "We played on the same stage as Panikatak",  whew what kudos will they get from that I wonder.  
    It was nice to see so many familiar faces there and a few who we hadn't seen for a while.  Very welcome among the familiar faces was Bill and Annie who some years ago were 'big' in the Scouts and even had organised a few concerts where we played to raise money for the local Scout organisation.  I do recall we held a concert to raise funds to send a scout to South America and was quite surprised that we weren't asked to raise further funds to secure a safe return.  We even secretly wondered whether they'd gone themselves as we hadn't seen them for a while, you know done a 'Great Train Robbers' escape sort of thing.  Then we discovered the reason why we hadn't seen them for a while.   Time has taken its toll on Bill, he sat at the front at Brigsteer in a wheelchair minus one leg.  It comes as a bit of a shock when you meet someone you haven't seen for a while who has obviously gone through the mill a bit.  Bill was quick to put us at ease however, telling us that years of pain and suffering had gone with the leg.  Then in true Brit grit tradition he asked if I would recite the monologue about the green sock.  Written by Les Barker it begins; 
            "I've got a a green sock, just the one, I used to have two, but the other one's gone"
Now how many bands in the world can say that they were asked by a one legged gentleman to perform a pome about only having one sock?    "Good on yer Bill", as they say in upside down land.
Barrow is our next concert - maybe there we'll be asked to sing the old Benny Hill number, "One wheel on my wagon and I'm still rollin' along.

February 2007

  Alas this site has been neglected and I have to admit I’ve been away – upside down visiting our son in New Zealand – as is always the way I felt pangs of conscience – going away at such a busy time, leaving the bosom of the band for foreign parts – how would they do without me - - apparently very well it seems – so now I have to spend hours locked away in my little cupboard relearning how to play the whistle as badly as I used to and brush up on the art of upsetting folk and stirring up muddy waters.  So I have now updated as far as possible our planned gigs based on the info June has at present to hand and I promise to keep on top of things in the future – 2007 is going to be a great year and our new Christmas CD should be out soon after Easter ready to fill the shelves at Hayes as they stock up with their Christmas goodies.

Check out the gigs list and - As the lady said –

“Come up and see us sometime”


November 2006

    Well, as they say, Lancaster Baptist Church was a blast, what a super hall and great folk to play for - even produced a blast from the past for us as someone requested the foot and mouth song - The Fair Eden Valley and we were able to perform a pretty fair version after a couple of false starts.  Great evening look forward now to New Hutton next weekend - phew all go - and we just spent spent Sunday in the studio at Morecambe with Rick -  all go. Still it keeps us out of trouble - Lord alone knows what sort of mischief I could be getting up to without Panikatak - could even be writing more letters to the Westmorland Gazette about the Lake District planning board and having them not publish them 'cos they were potentially libellous.  We need to play Coniston soon - we have a little seedling of a song that I think could be appreciated there once it comes into bloom.  It has a sort of bearing on the National Park and is called 'The Lakeland Clearances'.  

early Nov.
    Oh dear - blown it again - still at least I have something here for you to read - Note the change of time for the forthcoming Lancaster concert - 7.30 as opposed to our usual 8pm start.  Some will assume that this is on account of the fact that I am progressing in years and need to be taking cocoa at 9.30 prompt or else the trousering goes all awry.  This is of course a malicious rumour that I have a suspicion could have been hatched in the backrooms of the Ambleside Health Centre where who knows what sort of shinanigins go on now that the NHS has but almost collapsed.  Keep up - keep up.
The recent concerts at Ladyholme for Cancer Care and then Grasmere for the village hall were enjoyed by all in fact we have a letter from Grasmere saying that those who missed it and have heard about it were- as Shakespeare said - they rue the day they were not there. Don't be in such a state come and witness the next do in Lancaster
Hoots the noo.

September 2006

Well the Christmas clobber is now going up in Hayes Garden Centre so the school summer holidays must be nearly over and I've just updated this website.  About time I hear you say.  A busy autumn and Mo has been poorly most of august so we wish him a speedy recovery back to his bass sicks (- a sickening pun 'cos he plays bass guitar -in case you didn't know).  Don't forget to vote for Panikatak as your all time favourite folk band somewhere and pop up and see us some time - its all in a good cause.  I do wish we'd had a daughter I would have loved to call her Charity, who knows we could have been living near Storrs by now - the amount we've raised in her name.
Och aye.

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May 2006

the last concert on 5th May went off well with, once again, guest visits from Hamish F. McPuke who features on our recent cd and Daffydd of the black rock.  The raffle prizes were amazing all donated and proceeds went to the British Heart Foundation.  Ian who keeps track of these things says we have now raised over £35,000 for the various charities over the years. "Good oh", as they say in Porthmadoc.  We are now entering our quiet season as these teachers disappear for most of the summer on holiday, etc.  Who knows maybe we'll do some busking somewhere - Ian still has fantasies about busking on the London underground but then he is a doctor and most of their world seems to be based on fiction - well according to that documentary I watch on telly called Green Wing is it?  The session that Heidi started on Thursday nights at the Rifleman's Arms in Kendal seems to have blossomed and grown to almost a complete bar full of musicians with ourselves and a group called Mountain Road forming the mainstay.  Still it gets us out of the house, as they say.  

Best wishes to our loyal reader, "Hoots the noo", as Hamish would say.

March 2006

I have spent much time in the darkened room by the flickering screen (reminds me of a song my mother used to sing) trying to put sound in here for you and hope I may have succeeded at last - a couple of tracks - as a trial for now.  So as both the Dome - our millennium hymn and The Fair Eden Valley - our foot and mouth anthem are little performed by us anymore I thought I'd stick 'em on as free downloads. Go to the products page and follow the links and it should all work for you let me know how you get on at mail to panikatak

February 2006

The 4th of Feb saw us performing at Ulverston at the famous Sports and Social Club down near the leisure centre.  With special appearances by both Hamish McPuke from 'The Skips' somewhere near Glasgow and Daffydd y Garreg Ddu from somewhere near Llanwrtyd Wells.  It was one of those nights when most things progressed at a pace and interpretation of their own from a subtle blend of brilliance, eg Chrissie's rendering of 'Feels like Home' to a blank moment or two as guest Daffydd forgot what had happened to Roberts the Bread when he bumped into Blodwen the Fawr.  Nevertheless it was a super evening enjoyed by all, even the band and it is more than likely that we will be there again.  The evening was topped off by a musical exit from the car park by Dafyyd who's car had developed  an intermittent 'horn fault'.  It seems that in very cold weather the horn on off switch, situated in the steering wheel sort of has a mind of its own for the first minute or two of driving from cold.  This is characterised by an embarrassing beep beep for the first few hundred yards of travel - which it did from the car park at Ulverston at midnight or so - apologies to anyone locally trying to sleep, the upset was not intentional.  Presumably this won't happen on April the first when we are at the Stickle Barn as it should be a bit warmer then. 

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Hasty News - December

Christmas Greetings and a great 2006 for all who happen upon this slot !
We had an outstanding Christmas dinner at the Hallgarth Community Centre in Kendal when we did an "After Christmas Dinner Concert" in the centre a week or so ago.
The menu was traditional Christmas fare with soup starters, turkey and all trimmings with Christmas pud. for afters - then cheese and bickys and coffee - and congratulations to the frenzied few who beavered away to produce it all as the standard was better than some I've had in some of our so called top hotels locally.  so good in fact it was difficult to play after being tempted to eat far too much.

I promise to try harder on the news front next year
As my teacher used to say - "Could do better"   

April 2005

Alas and alack once again it's been an age since I took to scribbling on this 'orrible machine.  We go from strength to strength, 0.2 on the Richter Scale.  We did our own fund raising gig last year - the last time I scribbled see below, raised a super pile of money which was almost instantly gobbled up by Angie babe who spent it on new mixer deck, amp and speakers. So it's all gone again - story of my life - just when you think you're winning woops life kicks yer in the watsits again.  The Christmas lights do in Ambleside was great again - the do just seems to get better every year and the weather was super. We had a super gig at Storth on 5th March, raising funds for the village hall with our new gear that Angie had spent a fortune on but couldn't get the monitors to work properly, so once again did without.  Very well received though, packed hall, super folk in Storth - I'm sure they weren't all deaf .!.  We're still slowly working on getting a 'concert' CD out.  We recorded two gigs last year and we keep amending and fussing about with the tracks and who knows one day it'll all be ready.  

Next concert in Lancaster at the Grammar School - there's posh for you - in aid of school funds I presume but as usual no-one tells me anything, I think they feel it's safer that way so we'll see

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News Archives

June 2004

I am forced to 'screen goggle' to advertise our coming commercial venture - in aid of ourselves, ("there's strange for you", as they would say in Llanfair PG).     -   -   -  see ad on the gigs page.

8pm on Friday 25th June at the Ladyholme Centre between Windermere and Bowness (close to the Police Station in case of audience over-reaction). Roll up, roll up, we need the money.    

I have been told that a recently formed Panikatak Support Group spearheaded by Ian's Mum have formed a new 'charity' called the "SPOQ" fund.  Roman soldiers used to have similar lettering on their standards I understand.  I thought it must be something to do with this but apparently not.  I have been at pains to try to discover the meaning of this and in my investigations I asked Peter Dicken, a postman from the Eden Valley Storytellers Club.  He jokingly, (I think) replied that it meant Send Panikatak Overseas Quickly.  I sort of laughed a little and went on my way.  I did wonder a few days later however and tried to contact him again but I was told that he'd moved - fairly quickly my informant said, something about redeployment at work, somewhere to the barren wildernesses of the North East - Hexham way someone suggested.  I thought this a little odd but then there may be a bit of something in it.  I do know that Ian's mum has bought a lot of our cds - I know we only have two but Ian apparently keeps on - once a month or so, "We've got a new cd out mum do you want one?" "Well of course says mum", pays her money and goes on her way rejoicing, marvelling on the prolific genius of her wonderful son.  It may be that she has rumbled him!  She has discovered that the vast library of her cd collection contains lots of copies of the two cds.  if this is the case I can understand this form of devious revenge.  She lived through the war, she understands the true meaning of subterfuge, sabotage and deceit as practiced by our leaders during those dark days (and carried on by them ever since).  Maybe Peter was right and her people got to him before I could verify the truth.  Maybe suddenly there will be no more from me in these pages - some anonymous author will write coherent comments about the fullness of life to a background of repetitive martial music.  Good God I might even end up in France!
I'd better go quickly I can hear someone at the door.

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Older News

Lord is it March already? I suppose it must be, there are a few deranged folk clamouring to know when our next cd is coming out.  Either they've lost the previous editions, dog's chewed them, used them to scare the rabbits or, if they have listened to them they are intrigued to see what on earth we're going to do next

 Coming out means we have to go in, somewhere, which we haven't done yet, so we're in "stall" mode.  Rather like one of our concerts when we are making one of those last minute surprise alterations to an otherwise finely honed programme.  That's technical jargon for "Ian's turned over too many pages and he was the only one who knew what was next".  

The last time I scribbled here was before the Cancer Care gig at Charlotte Mason (-which is now called St. Martins College if you've been looking at the gig list).  This went very well was a packed programme and a packed house and was the first public 'airing' of our most recent band member,  Heidi.  She has the distinct advantage of being a proper musician capable of playing in keys I never even heard of.  Born in the US she undertook a 'roving' musical  apprenticeship, spending time in the dreamy assimilation of sounds in the West of Ireland, as you do, oh and she plays a mean fiddle.  

Coming up in the gig line are a couple of concerts in aid of school funds, Grasmere Village Hall is a fine venue. We played there before, a year or so ago, with luck they'll have a bar on.  The next one is in Bowness down one of those roads almost opposite the Royalty Cinema, upstairs in a the 'club'.  The rooms quite a size, we've never played there before but it should be OK as there's most definitely a bar.  We have found that our concerts tend to go just a touch better if folk have imbibed a little.  Or a lot for those with sensitive ears.  Then there's the COW GIG, a Friday night so no excuses for not being there, (that's for band members of course).  This is to raise money to help alleviate the suffering of folk on the African sub continent.  How long did it take for us to realise that instead of sending starving country folk bread and dried milk it's much more sensible to send grain to grow wheat, to make bread,  organise adequate safe water supplies and send a cow.  With a little help folk may be able to look after themselves instead of coming back asking for more when the bread and milk ran out.  Anyway there is an organisation called, "Send a Cow" and it is in aid of this group that we will stagger and sing on the 19th March, come along for the giggle - and I'm told there will be a bar near the theatre this time.  I'm not sure about ticket sales yet but you can always ring our box office  ( - Ambleside Health Centre   -   -  oops!)

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