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November 10th saw us after dinner at Kirby Lonsdale Golf Club - although we wondered whether this might be a  minor worry for Ian who is known for swinging the odd stick at a wee white ball it became obvious after a short while that this was more of a worry for those diners who knew him.  A super evening enjoyed by all, including us and a touch warmer than our next performance which was at the Ambleside lights switch on day where we busk along in the Market Cross power supplied courtesy of Costa coffee.  It was here where the posters were first circulated for the final big gig in March.  Anyone out there who has never been paniked should ensure that you get along to the Lakes school on Saturday 3rd March as the band as it is now will cease to be after that gig.  Whether anything comes up after that is pure conjecture at the moment so if  you want to see the end of an era - be there !

16th June saw us at the Heads Nook village hall near Brampton organised by Adrian and Jackie with proceeds of just over £500 going to education for India's untouchables and similar lower caste folk.  Adrian emailed June afterwards to thank us for the concert -  I quote  - -"The feedback from the audience has been so positive and there has not been a single adverse comment even from some of the older ones who I thought might not be too appreciative of some of Dave's jokes.  One mentioned how risqué some of the comments were, but she still enjoyed herself.  One couple mentioned to Jackie it was the best event they had been to at the hall - ever.  Unfortunately they said it in front of the person who had arranged all the previous events.   We have just had lunch at Lanercost and a couple who had just finished their lunch who had been at the concert came over to tell us what an enjoyable time they'd had.  In short a thoroughly superb concert enjoyed by all."

The campervan trip to Wasdale Head on Saturday the 25th of February was a wonderfully chaotic affair surrounded in the bar by the anarchic Wasdale Headbangers and a resident team of Yetis.  To ordinary folk that means nothing I guess but it truly reflects the atmosphere at the Wasdale Head Inn during the dark winter evenings.   Unfortunately there was no engagement issues as we had on a previous visit to the Wasdale Head when Chrissie sang 'Feels like home' to a couple who had just got engaged.  A touching moment with hardly a dry eye in the house. 

The year opened for us with a wonderful evening playing in front of the fireplace at Great Salkeld village hall on the 10th February.  Fortunately the fire wasn't lit otherwise the singing might have been a touch higher pitch than usual.  I did wonder however whether the hall was full of folk who knew how good the supper was going to be and we were just a minor side issue to be tolerated before the meal appeared.  Sarah was playing fiddle for us on this evening as Brian our Panik fiddler was involved in a rather difficult secret service venture that we are not allowed to talk about.  He did miss out on a wonderful lasagne however, almost as good as my wife can make, (I was intending to rate it higher as I mentioned to her, which was a mistake, but the bruising will soon heal over).   A lovely session - thanks Great Salkeld.  Off to Wasdale Head on Saturday the 25th to practice in the bar.


As they say for buses, you wait for ages then three come along at the same time, it appears our performances are much the same.  The Christmas Lights switch on day in November was followed by a concert in Arnside then Caldbeck then Ambleside.  At the lights do in the Market Cross we were fortunate again with the weather and were able to enthral the crowds with our special sensitive seasonal songs of Christmas cheer.  Many of these featured in the programmes for the three concerts which followed, with our special tributes to turkeys as well as a rendering of a Christmas song from down under. This sung in traditional Australian style with little tune, tawdry timing and in no particular key.   Amazingly we heard that one couple had travelled up from London particularly to hear us but we were unsure whether they were the folk who were heard to comment as they left the hall that they'd never heard Christmas songs like that before.

In June we were in Askham followed quickly by Coniston on the 1st July - both great events and we are looking to try to find time when we can all get together and do the odd pub session in these areas. 

The concert at the Upfront theatre was recorded and we are at present in the process of trying to get a new cd together with some of the latest material that is not any cd so far - watch this space !

After a pleasant practice late January in the Black Swan at Ravenstonedale we then travelled up to the wonderful wee Unthank theatre near Hutton in the Forest for a concert on 6th February to raise funds to keep the theatre going.  It is an absolutely super venue with lovely comfortable tiered seating and a great restaurant/cafe alongside.  The majority of the audience had a meal there before we started  and all the feedback we've had has been great.  June has put stuff onto facebook from the evening if care to look complete with a video of Chrissie doing the latter part of 'No telling' - one of the more serious songs. 

The following Saturday - the 13th we were at the Ladyholme Centre in Windermere raising money to help keep the community bus - the 597 -  running round Windermere and Bowness.  Now taking a short recess during March and April but the Autumn is looking to be quite busy  -  again   


February saw us in our 'home' venue again at Ambleside Parish Centre raising funds for the Centre with a fine hotpot followed by ourselves.  In April we had a (now rare) visit to the Story telling club0 at Ings  then we travelled to lovely Wasdale Head where we played in the bar for a couple of nights.  We repeated this again in August and one visitor made a note of it on the hotel's trip advisor page. 

Over the summer period I have had difficulties with this website - it appears that the web host suffered a cyber attack and this website was impossible to manage, to upload and update anything and appeared 'stuck'.  I have changed hosts - I hope - and things should carry on as normal as we have a busy Autumn coming up as you will see from the gigs page.  


Moving on from the summer somnabulance and the autumn heat - no hose pipe ban yet - surprising - we have a busy November coming up - check out the gigs page.

July 4th and once again we were in the Woodland village hall, June thought it was our third or fourth time there and if anyone should know 'tis June.  And again another great evening on the traditional theme of pie peas and paniks.  I suppose considering the date we should have done something sort of American but since they no longer wanted to be part of our empire we thought better of it and resurrected the re-written John Peel song - loosely based on the Victorian idea of the 'Tour of the Lake District'.  Congratulated I was too by a very knowledgeable lady who said I had it correct by saying John Peel's coat was originally grey.  Confused I was till she told me that apparently the latest versions say his coat was gay.  "Well there's a thing", said I, but I did wonder whether there might be more to it and possibly some young upstart trying to rattle a cage or two by inferring that our great huntsman might have harboured singular desires as it were.  A lovely evening - thanks again Woodland folk - another couple of years maybe ? ?  (If the Lord spares us)

Wednesday 11th June saw us at the Windermere Boat Club doing an after dinner spot for Windermere Rotary, so of course obligatory on the programme was the Windermere Sailor song.  Although a touch later than expected the gig went very well and the audience who do a lot of good work in the area seemed very appreciative.  A little different to the last time we played there which was on the day Ian and I had just returned from a week in southern Ireland at the world renowned Boghill Music Centre. Both he and I suffered that night from moments of temporary. hard drive failure caused not only from over intake of alcohol but also from lack of sleep.  Still we got it right this time.  Looking forward to performing once again in the historically important green tin hut at Woodland in July.


The year definitely started with a bang for us at what is I suppose our 'home'. venue Ambleside Parish Centre .  One of our best, happiest gigs to date I think and strangely a large proportion of the audience had seen us before.  Did they just come for the pie, peas and reasonable priced booze?  in years gone by I might have assumed this, however it was a great night and it was mostly down to audience response.  A wonderful evening thanks all -  Brathay Exploration Group will be considerably better off and able to keep up their activities and work with less privileged young folk.  We should have been doing a gig here at this time for funds for the Parish Centre but Brathay Exploration Group got in first so to see us next here will be some time in the Autumn at a date to be fixed soon


Alas 2013 was a bad year for this website as I got a new computer - terrible fast it seemed and with wonderful windows eight except that in life nothing ever turns. out as good as it first seems and twas indeed the case with the new machine  All seemed well initially and when I tried to upload news etc. onto this site it said it had transferred successfully - not so I found out later. Anyway all is now on an even keel - for a while with the help of an old laptop that has windows XP that runs all my outdated programmes just great.  One day I might upgrade them to apps.  
We had a fairly quiet year with further gigs at the Castle Green Hotel, Stainton and Lupton as well as in Church in Windermere, raising more funds for various good causes.  2014 opens with a 'Pie, Peas and Panikatak' extravaganza in the fantastic Ambleside Parish Centre on January 31st to raise funds for the Brathay Exploration Group, who do sterling work in helping youngsters expand their horizons.


March 1st 

St. David's day indeed and we were at Morland Village Hall not far from Shap - there was speculation that the day had something to do with the wayward whistler - alas it was pointed out that the Panik's pipe blower was unlikely ever to be raised to such an elevated status.  A very interesting format for us - an upside down version of the February gig at Ambleside as we performed from 7-30 until 9pm - then the food was served and a disco apparently followed - though we were on our way back down the A6 by then.  Excellent pies though - from a local baker apparently.  A very thin Panik set as just Chrissie, Ian and Dave entertained with the usual blend of serious and not so serious songs and a tad of banter.  The gig was raising funds for the First Responders in that area and so there was an audience of all ages from the local area and as we were leaving the stage a wee lassie who was there with, I presume Mum and Dad, presented us with her impression of the evening - a sketch of the band no less - pictured below - sadly I forgot to ask her name but - Thank you - if you let me know your first name and age I can acknowledge your talent below - we could perhaps use it to advertise the band - tis a pity we were lacking our proper musicians.

    (From left -  Daftdave on whistle  -  MagicIan on bazooki thing  -  Chrissie on guitar)

February 8th

What a wonderful evening at Ambleside Parish Centre - like coming home - we had a pie and peas supper - with dessert too - prepared and served by Helen and her stalwart team in the kitchen.   Then we were on stage for an after dinner delight.  Delight it was too amongst a gathering of happy smiling, laughing and singing folk, a majority of whom had seen us before.  Whether this is a reflection of the sad state of winter Friday night television I don't know but it really was a pleasure to perform our selection of updated music hall medleys with such a friendly crowd.  Of course there was a bar and most tables seemed to have a plethora of glasses and bottles at the finish.  A very enjoyable evening !  I hope the Parish centre raised  a few sheckles to help keep that wonderful venue solvent in these straitened times.


We have been pasted onto you tube doing the Prozac song - to watch click on this link

July 2012

We were on tour in May  -  well went to Saltburn by the Sea for a one off concert for the area W.I.  Great reception - super folk and a very interesting town.  If you've never been - go now to view the Olympic games in wool on the pier.  Apparently the phantom knitter keeps adding events to the handrail overnight and no-one knows who it is - or at least they didn't when we were there.  We were not a full compliment as Brian and Mo were unavailable but June had organised for us to park our camper vans up overnight in the overflow car park at the golf club. After the concert one of the ladies said she was quite relieved as she lived close by and she thought a group of traveller's had invaded.  I said I would call round in the morning to see if she needed assistance in recycling any unwanted items like a computer, chainsaw,  lawnmower or a BMW maybe?  - A picture or two of our tour and the Saltburn Olympics below  


Practice in the park - (car park that is)                                    Saltburn Pier and the water lift up to town


The pier's woollen Olympics                                                                  Synchronised swimmers

January 2012


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